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Exploitation vs. Protection: UN Security council exercises control over developing nations.

April 29, 2017

Debate ignites over Italy’s proposal to assist developing countries in placing renewable resources at the forefront of energy and agricultural sectors.


The UN Security Council has been focused on establishing “mutually beneficial” relationships between countries such as Britain, the US, Canada, and China with developing nations.


These relationships would be concerned with assisting developing countries utilize their resources in an environmentally sustainable way. The nature of how these relationships would be conducted has been cause for debate.


The delegate of Britain chose not to comment on how Brexit would affect these relationships.


When asked how exploitation of these underdeveloped countries would be prevented, the UK delegate said that fellow developed nations and the UN would be responsible for holding them accountable.


The UK delegate also stressed that the UN could not and should not try to interfere with the sovereignty of nations.


The US and UK have both recently taken steps to reduce the amount of work that is outsourced to other nations and to reduce the amount of foreign workers within their nations.


Despite this, both British and American delegates have proposed initiatives to send their workers to less developed countries in order to establish and develop more environmentally friendly industries.


In addition, the proposed renegotiation of NAFTA has been a point of tension between the US and Canada in recent months.


In moderated debate the Canadian delegation stated their position saying, “We believe that economy and environment go hand in hand, it is apparent that some delegates at this table have forgotten that”.


When questioned about the environmental impact of shipping and trade, the Canadian delegation said it would be “unreasonable” to slow or halt trade instead focusing on greener methods of conducting it.


It is apparent that the issue of environmental protection is not motivated by global well being, but by nationalism and the protection of the domestic worker.




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