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Proposed Forced Election in Chad During Time of Crisis

April 29, 2017


In response to the tropical storm Chad relies on for its agriculture, Japan, Italy, the Russian Federation, and France have been discussing a forced election in the state.  


A crisis in Chad arose when the crucial tropical storm was two months late. This tropical storm serves their agriculture by providing the majority of the year’s water in the semi-desert. Due to uprisings initiated by absence of the storm, a forced election was discussed to address the allegedly corrupt president.


Those affected by the regular use of impunity are accusing the government of corruption.There is a high percentage of corruption and power abuse in Chad’s judicial system, police force, and legislature. The government of Chad has used bribery as a way to influence the outcome and give judges impunity. Judges who attempt to have fair trials face harassment.


Further, there is a history of Chad’s police  repeatedly engaging in unnecessary violence and rarely face consequence.


Legislative structure has been unsuccessful in preventing corruption; bribery and embezzlement have actively been used to achieve personal gain.  Chad has also not signed the United Nations Convention against Corruption.


In an effort to appease the people of Chad, the delegates of Japan, Italy, the Russian Federation, and France considered a forced election to achieve democracy. Yet, the United Kingdom stated that a forced election during a time of crisis is not optimal.


In an interview with Japan, the delegate said prioritising either politics or agriculture is essential. They believe sending in resources such as food and water in the best option to prevent conflict.


Actions in response to the uprising have not yet been decided, but Japan stated, “The goal is to avoid conflict and a political uprising is not the aim, but if it was, it would be preferred through peaceful means.”


Forcing an election could provide rebels with a chance to gain control by the opportunity of a weakened government, but the delegates of Japan, Italy, the Russian Federation, France, and the United Kingdom have come to the agreement that a forced election would not be imperative.


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