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Multiple Nations Come Forth Offering Services After Extent of Human Displacement via Climate Change is Brought to Light

February 10, 2018

The General Assembly is underway! Roughly 40 delegates have joined together and discussions are in progress. Climate Change, one of the most covered topics to grace the United Nations in recent times is the focus of today’s debate. However, the preliminary conversation has strayed from the prototypical dialogue about the causes and how to combat them, and has moved toward its direct effect on the people of our world.


Despite being early on, multiple countries have begun to voice their concerns and problems surrounding their people being displaced from their daily lives due to climate change, and other countries are listening, exemplified by motions to approach these countries with aspirations to offer assistance and support.


India and Argentina have stepped up already, voicing their concerns, emanating from roughly 1.8 million and 600 thousand affected in each country respectively. India finds its main problem sourcing from flooding, and the displacement of individuals with respect to this has resulted in severe economic and social problems. These problems have prompted negotiation with Ethiopia, specifically focusing on relieving the build-up of refugees with the help of certain policies.





Argentina’s outreach to the committee stems from their problems caused by rising sea levels. After discussion in an unmoderated debate, Argentina are also beginning to envision solutions with the help of multiple other countries as well as a reference to the Paris Agreement.


On the other end of the discussion, Belgium has been listening to the other countries call for help, and is settling into early talks surrounding the offer of assistance to Ghana. However, these interactions are still in the air because of the limited time available for discussion so far.


On our own behalf, we have not had the pleasure to speak with the delegate of France yet. However, despite this, we are confident they are addressing our own countries problems stemming from climate change enhanced flooding, as well as offering some of our many resources to assist our allies in need.


With discussions recently opening, propositions are brief, however, if the committee members continue at the pace it currently stands at, New York City is in for a productive and beneficial weekend.


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