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Setting the Stage for the United Nations Conference 2018

February 9, 2018

The United Nations has re-convened once again, and delegations proceed to prepare resolutions to deal with world issues. But what are these nations discussing, and what can the international community expect to be dealt with?

The UN General Assembly has decided that "the displacement of people due to climate change", and the protection of the so called “LGBTQ” peoples to be the world's current priority.

At the moment it is difficult to predict what kind of resolutions will be passed, yet we can only hope that the General Assembly listens to the reputable scientists arguing against the existence of global warming. The war against “climate change” is already costing American taxpayers billions of dollars. Will the United States delegation be able to ensure the economic stability of America, or will the United States continue to increase funding to tackle an understudied issue.

On the other hand, the GA second topic pertains to human rights of “LGBTQ” people. However human rights apply to everyone, as it was already established in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948). So why has the General Assembly taken an interest in people who are already protected?

Furthermore, the Security Council has diverted its attention to the Rohingya crisis in Myanmar. As the Rohingya minority are being wiped out, the United Nations has come to a competent and speedy resolution of the violence. Simultaneously the SC must attempt to limit the further escalation of the current situation, endangering other countries and increasing the frequency of terrorist attacks.




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