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Closing the stage for the United Nations

February 11, 2018

As the convening of the United Nations comes to a close, it is important to see what this international organization has accomplished in its time here.


The General Assembly has debated resolutions on refugees displaced due to climate change, despite not listening to the full research done on if climate change was a pressing matter or not.


The General Assembly has also given priority to LGBTQ rights, and instead of making progress on the topic (even though there already was a declaration of human rights put in place to protect them,) have threatened to regress into the possible subjugation and deaths of the communities.


The Security Council spent a large amount of time debating on what to call a slaughter of people for their resolution paper, in order to make sure the resolution paper would pass, as many Rohingya died. Subsequently the draft resolution did not pass, and the Myanmar crisis was left unattended to.


The intelligence organizations at the Security Council’s disposal managed to overlook the multiple warnings and markers of Thai militant action, ultimately letting the Thai government and a group of tourists pay the price.


The time for the end to internationalism is now. America has over extended itself in the global communities, and it is time to come home. America has spent too long trying to strengthen the world as while American citizens and taxpayers have paid the price. There can be no future for the land of the brave and the free if America won’t even stay within its own borders to consolidate its position as the greatest country in the world.








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