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Despite Tension Security Council, Addressing Issues and Working in the Solution Early On.

February 10, 2018

The undeniable tragic events caused by the Myanmar Rohingya Crisis are continuing in full effect, allowing this devastating military crackdown to rise to the top of the Security Council’s agenda.


After several hours of debate, all of the member states have come together, and have decided that what is happening in Myanmar is catastrophically unacceptable. However, they have so far been hindered in creating a solution due to a series of underlying factors.


After speaking with the delegation sent by the government of France, we have assurances the French Republic is doing everything it can to help and have already offered food, water, and financial assistance to upgrade refugee camps. The United Kingdom, Egypt, and China have also all spoken out, and are looking to support the International community whether at this time of crisis through economic support or refugee take-in programs.


However, even with these recent definite pledges of action to reduce suffering in Myanmar, individual countries have halted the conversation by their inability to choose words to describe specific events productively. Certain delegates believe “ethnic cleansing” and “ceasefire” should be used, while others do not, creating tension in the council.


Despite this tension, a bundle of ideas has been formed, with China being main contributors they envision this is a crucial way to find peace. However, this bundle will take much negotiation and cooperation to complete, as so far individual countries including the French Republic see multiple holes in the document. These holes stemming from Myanmar's laws surrounding communication with terrorists, need to be patched up soon.


Overall, even with this slight tension, all of the delegates are continuing to work together with the hope of resolving all issues, and with an urgent crisis in the horizon, it’s about to become interesting in New York.





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