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Gang Violence in Golden Triangle

February 11, 2018

Security Council taken by complete surprise; surveillance measures fail to combat militant action.


   There has been a massive surge of gang violence in the Golden Triangle, and once again the Security Council is struggling with how to solve the situation.


    In the convening of the United Nations, the Security Council was informed of rising militant action, and radical democratization from the Thai Junta. The Security Council, upon considering the situation, decided that the crisis in Myanmar was more important to be dealt with, and that since there was no information it would be too soon to act. The Security Council resolved to monitor the situation with its multiple spy agencies, and act if they found any new information.


    This would be a suitable course of action, however, the Security Council’s intelligence was ineffective at fully assessing the situation. The problem developed right under their noses. Gang violence escalated to extreme measures, and the Security Council was only made aware of this occurrence when it was reported by the very Thai government that it was supposed to stabilize and monitor.


    Despite not being able to sufficiently monitor and dissuade the very population it was obligated to protect from facing an extreme dilemma, this was not the only failure on the Security Council’s part. The Security Council’s numerous spy agencies were also unable to track (or even notice) any of the arms deals that would enable the violent groups to cause far more damage.


    Yet another example of the growing controversy in the Security Council, upon being pressed about the lack of knowledge of anything in the area that they were putting their intelligence agencies towards protecting, the delegate of Sweden states that “China probably knew about the arms deal.” When questioned on if this meant that the Chinese delegate was withholding information from the rest of the Security Council, the delegates of Japan, the United Kingdom, and Sweden insisted that this was not the case (though no substantial alternatives were offered.)


    Later, an anonymous source also confirmed that the Thai government had been covering up mass graves. The Security Council was not able to uncover this themselves, but has had to rely on the information of anonymous sources and external help, while if the SC was acting on its own these issues would have slipped right past them.


   Finally, the Security Council was unable to protect the kidnapping of tourists, it is unknown if any of them are American.


    Any sensible reader should have a burning question at this point. If the internationalist organization of the United Nations can’t actually effectively examine an area they put their efforts towards, or put in preventative measures to protect unstable areas, what can it do?


    This is another example of internationalism failing once again. We created the United Nations, an organization dedicated to saving the world. This has obviously failed as it has turned into an organization filled with delays, arguing, and backstabbing. It is time to return back to America, and starting putting America first once again.

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