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Major Underwater Earthquake Near China

February 10, 2018

General Assembly scrambles to deal with over 120,000 thousand refugees from natural disaster.


In an unexpected turn of events, a major disaster caused more than 100,000 people in the South-East Asian region to be displaced. The General Assembly is currently resolving the issue as quickly as possible.


Countries such as Denmark and Switzerland are gathering support for a disaster relief fund. Countries are pushing forward soldiers to help in relief efforts and helping rebuild the damaged infrastructure.


Scientific reports suggest that this has nothing to do with the climate change that the General Assembly was discussing previously.


The delegation of Russia is taking in refugees currently, and other countries are being pressured to follow suit. Currently countries are collaborating as well to grant these refugees temporary citizenship.


As the situation unfolds, the General Assembly will be tested on what comes next for them, and what will come of the earthquakes. The United Nations will have the chance to prove its relevance as a global relief act in the coming decisions.


Fortunately the General Assembly is doing everything it can to provide support for a relief effort and help the damaged communities, even if the chaos may be overwhelming.


UPDATE: The General Assembly now has a draft resolution detailing the aid of displaced and harmed Chinese refugees. The motions put forward on the paper are utilizing United Nations aid to supply and help the infrastructure of the devastated Chinese areas.

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