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Research On Climate Change; Silence on Research

February 10, 2018

“There has been enough research”


NEW YORK, AMERICA - Advocating climate change is all the rage for scientists these days. It seems that the United Nations has listened to the claims of the world turning into a boiled egg right beneath our noses, as currently, they are in session discussing how best to deal with peoples to displaced due to climate change. However, has the necessary research been done to support Climate Change, and does it justify the need for such extreme amounts of attention and funding?


There are two sides to this debate, as countries are currently discussing how best to go about the displaced people due to this issue known commonly as "Climate Change". One side has received excessive coverage of its voice, the scientific community claiming that Climate Change is destroying the planet and atmosphere.


Alternatively, scientists theorizing that the effect of Climate Change could be non-existent or far less damaging than asserted by the rest of the community, have been silenced. This can be very concerning, as the United Nations considers allocating massive amounts of funding to solving an issue with considerable conflicting evidence behind it.


So how does this affect the General Assembly’s plans and projects to deal with this issue? Fortunately, it does not appear that all members are on board with funding a problem that is not proven to exist. 


Countries such as the United States, Switzerland, and India support more research done before such drastic actions are taken. 


India agreed with the sentiment that it is unfair for a significant number of developed countries to use affordable energy in order to improve their standings, then proceeded to state that nobody else can improve its standing the same way. The delegate of India also supported the sentiment of researching the problem before deciding which limits were imposed on the population.


America and Switzerland also wish to research the problem more to determine the actual threat and validity of Climate Change before prioritizing it.


There are still countries that wish to push forward without feeling to gain further insight and research, such as Portugal, Cambodia, and Mexico. These countries have come out stating that they wish to reduce carbon emissions and put infrastructure against climate change in place before continuing research. 


The delegation of Portugal stated that “enough research,” has been done towards climate change, and that while it recognizes the scientific community that resists the assertions that climate change is the end of times, the community is still far smaller, therefore not needing their opinion taken into account.


Cambodia claims that the damage of climate change is not hypothetical, but is instead currently happening with various phenomena, such as floods and rising sea levels. It is worth noting that floods and rising sea levels have been seen throughout all of history, far before fossil fuels were even used. 


The General Assembly is deciding on which solutions are to be employed to solve problems that may be nonexistent. We can only hope the proper research will be done to justify the funding, and resolutions. The General Assembly will also have to consider on the method of funding for their highly ambitious projects. Hopefully they will not be relying on hard-earned American taxpayer money to solve this ambiguous issue. 



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