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Undersea Earthquake Displaces Thousands: General Assembly proposes solutions

February 10, 2018

The General Assembly was informed of an underwater earthquake that had shaken South-East Asia, interrupting the debate over climate change refugees to allow for strategizing. It is believed 120 000 people are already without shelter, although this number may be subject to change. Delegations immediately began pledging support, but not everyone agrees on the best way to do so.


Interestingly, the first delegation to officially speak was that of Micronesia, stating it stands in solidarity with those affected by the earthquake, but added they were unable to provide any further support. Micronesia has been vocal in sharing its opinions on the issues created by climate change, having called out heavily polluting countries for all the damage they've done. As a small nation that relies heavily on foreign aid itself, however, they can’t provide much more than condolences.


The United Kingdom of Great Britain pledged 2.5 million pounds in financial aid, as well as promising aid workers, much to the relief of Bangladesh, who declared aid workers a more direct and effective solution than money. Fiji, Finland, Tonga and Italy have also vowed to send aid workers as contributions to the relief.    


Russia has promised to send military aid and supplies, prepared to help with any necessary evacuations. Although they were noticeably reluctant to admit climate change refugees, the Russian Federation announced it would join Australia and Finland by accepting any people displaced by the earthquake.


The Netherlands proposed an unconventional solution, offering flood management tools to rebuild the damaged regions, while Saudi Arabia claimed money and financial aid to be the best response. Not all delegations were simply providing relief, however, with Tonga hoping to improve trade with China, should their contributions be noticed.


The General Assembly was forced to suspend all further debating until the morning, leaving the crisis without a definite solution. With all the countries stepping forward to provide aid, we can expect a large international response, but what exactly that will look like is yet to be determined.




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