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“While terrorism may kill some of us, lack of water will kill us all.”

March 9, 2019

The United Nations General Assembly has reconvened once again, as delegations prepare to tackle the issue of ensuring access and security to clean and sustainable water sources, as well as seeking a response to terrorism. The once divided committee is now collaborating on a cluster of ideas to address the global water crisis. As the official United Nations Water Strategy ends in 2020, delegates have been working on creating a holistic and comprehensive resolution to ensure safe and easy access to this basic human right.


The issue of accessing safe water disproportionately affects developing nations. Several small and underdeveloped nations, such as Mali, are calling upon developed nations to contribute financial aid, as many current solutions are simply not feasible for them. United States, the second highest polluting country in the world, is not present in this debate, making it difficult for countries who have been affected by the US polluting their water sources, such as Mexico, to fully discuss this issue. A proposal for a water security fund operated by the United Nations, which would be used as relief and support for permanent infrastructure, such as filtration and other water treatment systems, is currently being discussed as the main long term solution for this issue.  It is unclear where the funding for this would come from and various delegations are divided on this front. The committee has put forward the ideas of taxing citizens, having countries use percentages of their GDP, or establishing economic sanctions to reduce pollution. Due to the fact that every country has their own needs and national interests, it is clear that this committee cannot use a blanket policy to solve this complex issue. While there is much work to do, the council continues to debate with diplomacy, keeping in mind their collective goal of ensuring access and security to clean and sustainable water sources.





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March 10, 2019

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