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March 9, 2019

The Security Council starts off the conference today with cyber-security. Ten countries joined the conference: Germany, Russia, France, the United States, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Belgium, Kazakhstan, Ethiopia, and the Dominican Republic. cyber-security is a topic about Internet and its security. Since the rapid growth of the Internet and technology, many problems have surfaced. Therefore, the United Nations hopes to use this conference to reach a consensus or find a solution.


The meeting has a positive start, with all the participating countries expressing their opinions. Obviously, everyone is aware of the dangers and instability of the Internet; however, there is disagreement about how to produce a workable solution. Some developed countries have proposed to help developing countries improve their network security or provide technical support, but this plan was opposed. Some countries were questioned by others because of the occurrence of cyber-attacks. There was a big debate about trust and what to do. The United States was very prominent in the meeting and they suggested the idea of a global system, but it was immediately questioned by many parties. South America, Germany, and the United Kingdom have raised questions about specific implementation plans and steps. Of course, the situation varies from country to country.


The atmosphere was pessimistic throughout the meeting, while the participants were discussing their differences. However, the discussion kept returning to the theme of cyber-security. So far, it is has been difficult to find a solution that is satisfactory to all the parties. It is more about reaching consensus and seeking balance.



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