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Russia Hacking the Security Council?

March 9, 2019

The topic of global cyber security has become a heated he-said, she-said debate on whether or not Russia is the cause of cyber attacks, nevermind making progress on the topic at hand. The delegations of The United States and Belgium are persistent in their allegations against Russia. The delegate of the United States claims that Russia is clearly not committed to the global solution to cyber crime “because [the cyber crime] is mostly coming from Russia.” The back and forth that is so common between Russia and America is joined this time by the delegation of Belgium, citing rumours accusing Russia’s government of supporting hacker groups responsible for attacking various governments in the European Union. Russia has made a point of repeatedly saying that Russian involvement is the “concern of the Russian justice system, not the international community” and that really the focus should be on what America is doing with cyber security, not them.


Meanwhile, other delegations continue to try to pry the discussion back to the topic at hand. The developing countries in the committee such as Ethiopia and  the Dominican Republic, have made several attempts to bring their viewpoints back to the table. Despite being perfectly valid concerns, such as lack of infrastructure or insufficient education, the key players are adamant in ignoring them. When questioned, the delegate of Ethiopia expressed that this experience of “the big guys stepping on the little guys” is simply “the nature of security council.”


This breakdown of communication into bickering has been noted by the delegation of Germany and they have made valiant attempts to bring the arguments back into the realm of constructive debate. Unfortunately it seems that Russia and America are now on a roll and may not be finished anytime soon. It seems that some countries are far more concerned with their own squabbles rather than the issues brought before them in their capacity as security council members.




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