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American Absence: Very Inconvenient

March 10, 2019

Although America has been taking a very controversial political stance on the global community recently and many have complained about the country’s views, it seems that the lack of their presence can be just as much of an obstacle as their argumentative attendance can sometimes be.


As a major contributor to global pollution, America has countries world wide thoroughly disgruntled at their antics. However, these same countries in the General Assembly are at a loss without a United States representative at which to direct their complaints and intense frowns.


At the press conference this afternoon the delegation of Ecuador seemed quite frustrated by the absence of America both in regards to clean water initiatives and the response to terrorism now being discussed, saying that they were “disappointed as [they] had been anticipating interacting with America” in regards to these events. After all, as “one of the richest and most populous nations” there is no doubt that America would have a large amount to say on these issues. Not to mention those that desperately, and sometimes aggressively, want to have words with them.


As we have seen the asset America can be in other committees, even if it is on somewhat unorthodox subjects such as the committee’s fashion status, there is no doubt that this committee would greatly benefit from the presence of this nation. That or be derailed completely, the jury is out.




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March 10, 2019

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