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Is Education on Water Worth it, in a Water-less World?

March 9, 2019

After hours of fruitful debate in the General Assembly, delegates are finalizing their ideas on addressing access and security to clean and sustainable water sources through four separate clusters of ideas. Despite the evident similarities between some of these papers, Draft Resolution Apple, in particular, has received criticism for its discrepancies by the committee. Sponsored by India, Iceland, and Jordan, the paper outlines the need for the education of women and girls on water management and conservation, with a primary focus on those living in rural areas. The paper does not consider other short-term or long-term solutions being raised by the committee, such as building sustainable infrastructure, water transportation, or protecting water sources from contamination.


 Several countries have spoken out against this resolution, concluding that it is simply not realistic to implement. Côte d'Ivoire, a country where - according to the 2009 UNGEI report - 66% of children, primarily girls, are not enrolled in school, stresses that an educational campaign would be ineffective when the majority of children would not have access to or be receiving the information. Countries that are unstable due to conflict, such as Mali, have also voiced their concern that the resolutions being presented are not considering the realities of their situation. Many developing nations are plagued with contaminated water sources, or have extremely limited access to water altogether. It is evident that the opinions of the countries who are the main focus of this campaign have been ill-considered in the creation of the paper.


Ultimately, what is the point in educating water conservation or management if there is no water to begin with?

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